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ARP100 - Zoom Pro

Wireless Presentation System_ZoomPro

ARP100-ZoomPro is a wireless presentation gateway that supports multiple connects and show the 4*PC's screen onto one projector and capture the region to enlarge presentations.

      Feature Highlights

  • Wireless presentation…no more cable swapping
  • Real time display for PowerPoint presentations.
  • No installation CD required, software is directly downloaded from the device
  • Provide session security login and wireless WEP key to protect presentation contents
  • Conference control function is provided for the host to moderate a meeting
  • Provide friendly web-based user interface for easy configuration
  • Support Fix-IP & DHCP& Access Point & Hybrid modes
  • Supports Windows, Mobile of PDA (mobile 5.0 & later) and Mac 10.4 or later system
  • Zoom to TV (Z2TV)
    A perfect web video clip viewer (i.e. YouTube)
    ‧Detect video region!
    ‧Encode the region and transmit to TV!
    ‧Play in full screen with improved video quality!
  • Split 4 in 1 screen
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