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24-port Fast Fiber Standalone Ethernet switch

SG9224F_24*Fast Fiber plus 2GbE Modular Management Switch, which is a 24-port Fast Fiber standalone Ethernet switch with optional 2-port Gigabit slot. With an advanced Layer 2+ switch, SG9224F is an ideal wiring closet and a collapsed backbone solution either for small/large-scale business environments or deployments in basements/street cabinets/Central Offices. SG9224F has a high bandwidth switching fabric that delivers wire-speed/non-blocking performance and is also with advanced capabilities, including IP routing, Quality of Service classes to prioritize time-critical traffic, and full VLAN and IP multicast support.
SG9224F has a high bandwidth switching fabric that delivers wire-speed/ non-blocking perfermance and is also with advanced capabilities, including IP routing, Quality of Service classes to prioritize time-critical traffic, and full VLAN and IP multicast support. It significantly saves rack space and facilitates installations for carriers that are striving to extend optical intelligent aggregation services. This small form factor design and the front loadable elements ease the installations process and is optimal for deployment in basements, street cabinet and Central Offices.
In SG9224F, user may install it as easy as pie and enjoy the instant bandwidth relief right after installation, and can be further benefited from its friendly-interface and automated features. For example, SG9224F can allow the copper and fiber to be mixed/matched in the same chassis with Single-mode/Multi-mode fiber accommodated. As far as the best convenience is concerned, SG9224F is also rack-mountable and known for features below:
  • a super Monitor which can make the network achieve the best performance and also detect any trouble-shooting in time.
  • a speed-setting interface for adjusting operational parameters of every individual port manually.
  • a super link-speed enhancement which can make 10base inputs to 100base via fiber to a great extent. 
  • an optimum network performance which can prevent undesirable loops/ collisions/ slow downs with success.
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