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16*10/100Mbps with 2*Modular Web Smart Switch

The SH-9018 is a based on modular type design, which provide you with two type of alternative features, When function as a dumb switch, there are 2 expansion module to add to have fiber port, then it become a 16*RJ45 and 2*Fiber Ports dumb switch, and achieves the long-distance range segment and with true use of 18-Port, Moreover two optical fiber module may wilfully lay aside single or multi Fiber mode for user to have extra plans and the choice.

Switches in the market now a days, must sacrifice RJ45 port when you insert the optical fiber module, and is unable to achieve true 16*RJ45; On the other hand, Modular design provides the customer to upgrade and promote to become manageable in module functionality. Thru the Expansion slot, by inserting Web smart module, You  may easily promote and upgrade into  management  switch, Certainly the other expansion slot can still be use to insert the optical fiber module, and becomes 16*RJ45 and 1*Fiber Pots Web Smart switch, which can manage the settings of Port VLAN, Port Trunk, Rate control/ Per port, MAC security locking/ Per port and Priority queue for QoS, An important features worth noting is that this product may aim at each Port to lock three group of MAC address, Allows this Port only to have the user which these three groups combines to be allowed to enter the network, Enhances the network security.

With such design lets the customer have the multiple use to choose and to avoid repetition investment when facing products upgrade, It also help the dealer to reduce the stock pressure and the promotion competitive ability. The modular switch flexibility method enables the customer to essentially experience its benefit and obtain a profitable sales flow in Channel and in the market.

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