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Samrt Gigabit Ethernet PCI Card

The smart 10/100/1000Mbps based 32-bit PCI Local Bus Ethernet adapter designed to address high-performance network solution for workstations and servers offering 2 gigabits per second of aggregate bandwidth. Support for the gigabit includes critical performance and management related advanced features.

The driver and card have been developed together to provide the optimal performance in term of both throughput and host CPU utilization.
There are with more than 5dB of design margin with respect to all worst-case impairments (NEXT, FEXT, Echo, and system noise). To enable maximum network management feedback to the host system and user, VeriPHY Link Management Suite routines allow extensive network and cable plant operating and status information, such as the cable length and effective Bit Error Rate (BER) that greatly simplifies Gigabit Ethernet network deployment and management.


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