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Wireless Presentation System with video

ARP110 is a wireless multimedia presentation gateway that connects Notebooks/ PCs to any type of projectors, TV or Monitor for displaying high quality multimedia presentations.

Video Streaming & Presentation
It supports real time video streaming and presentation through Wireless-LAN. It supports HD quality video streaming up to 1080p.
Plug & Play
It is a plug-and-play device which is easy to install and connect with. Any Notebooks/PCs with built-in Centrino or Wi-Fi card can easily download driver and connect.
It is compatible to all kinds of projectors, using wire-line or wireless connection, to display presentations. Instantly project your screen to the projector with just one mouse click. No more cable swapping hassles.
It has the ability to deliver real time video streaming for up to 1280x768 resolutions. It also provides friendly web-based administrating UI for easy configuration and wireless security setups.
Support Login code to protect other users from accessing presentation contents. During presentation, screen images can also be protected by WEP 64/128 encryption.

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