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Newest application of Split-Screen, Z2TV and Video streaming not only the stren

Recently we have released some exhilarating technical developments at the Wireless Presentation System_ARP110-Video Pro, there are no rival commodities of the technical application of Presentation Gateway on the market. The new application of Split-Screen, Z2TV and Video streaming not only the strength of the technology but also how it is customer-driven for continued growth.
With the released of ARP110-Video Pro, users can get an advance look at the next generation of Wireless Presentation Gateway. That support multiple connects and show the 4*PC's screen onto one projector as well as capture the region to enlarge presentations. The Split-Screen supports projecting 4 real-time images onto one screen. It is a plug-and-play device which is easy to install and connect with. Any Notebooks/PCs with built-in LAN or Wi-Fi card can easily download driver and connect to it. The data has a comparison with together. Four enjoyments are work by a single Projector.
We would strongly encourage any buyer to learn more about how these and other Wireless Presentation System can add value to your company.

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