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8埠 超高速智慧型交換器
SG9800 is 8-port Gigabit high performance web-smart switch that provides up to 8 10/100/1000Mbps copper Ethernet ports, this device provides a great flexibility for nowadays variety of network application but at lower cost. User doesn’t have to learn many sophisticated management function which are usually shown in SNMP switch but just to learn some simple or common control/setting through either out-of-band RS232 port or Ethernet port, however, some new, advanced and important function such as DHCP, Tag-VLAN, Trunking, RSTP and IGMP are still supported same as SNMP switch, this means, user doesn’t have to pay high cost as tradition layer 2 SNMP switch while he still can get advanced and common function to meet requirement of general network application. Besides, to prevent switch being attacked by hackers, a relocatable HTTP port number is supported. These all make it very suitable for small or medium size company or at home to build up simple network at beginning phase with lower cost. Moreover, web management through Microsoft Internet Explore environment, makes user’s interface become easy and familiar; Terminal mode, linked by Windows Hyper-terminal, also an easy and simple way to manage switch through serial interface, that is, both in-band and out-of-band management are supported. Besides, field-code-upgrade function provides a quick way to fix software bug or update with newer code, and a “Reset to default” push button help people who always forgets his password or when he wants to do setup through Ethernet port from beginning as factory default.

Gigabit 網路集線器
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