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5 埠 乙太集線網路卡
The adapter is a high performance 32-bit PCI bus Ethernet networking interface and combined a 32-bit PCI Bus SNMP Fast Ethernet adapter with 6 ports 10/100Base Switch hub. It designed to SOHO system application requirements. It is designed with advanced low power process to reduce power consumption for power sensitive applications and Green PCs. The NIC LAN use the management controller is a SNMP/RMON/DMI function ready single ASIC chip solution for the PC Server level NIC adapters. The card has a high performance network solution for workstation and servers. Offering 200M bit per second aggregate bandwidth, also supports a range of critical performance and advanced management-related features including 802.1p Priority transmissions, TCP/IP checksum offload, multiple VLAN, IEEE802.3x flow control and adaptive interrupts.

Gigabit 網路卡
SNMP Switch Hub Card
USB Adapter
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